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Date: 16th March 2003

Venue: Brunel Suite (MR1), Students Union.

[opposite anson Room]

Time: 3.00 pm

**Dinner will be provided**




Positions available:

Just email Kim at with your name and the position you are running for.

1. President

2. Vice-President

3. Treasurer

4. Secretary

5. Committee Members (Four)

Some possible committee members posts are:

Editor, Welfare Officer, Liaisons Officer, Entertainment Officer, Webmaster, Cultural Officer......

P/S: Nominations must be received by 12th of March 2003 (Wednesday) at 12 midnight.

Unsure of what position to run for, want to know more about these positions? Find out more by visiting the Jobs Description Page (click here).....


voting process...

Paper voting

There will be two rounds of voting, in the order of Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President, President and Committee Members.

1. Treasurer's speech, Q&A session...

2. Secretary's speech, Q&A session...

3. Vice-President's speech, Q&A session...

4. President's speech, Q&A session...

5. Committee Members' speech, Q&A session...

6. 1st round of voting for top four positions and announcement of results...

7. 2nd round voting for committee members and announcement of results...

*Candidates who are not selected for the first four positions, will have the option to run for the post of Committee Member.

*Members will be given one vote each for the first four rounds of voting and four votes for the last round, with the condition that only one vote may be used for one candidate.

*The option for RON (Re-Open Nomination) is viable for all rounds of voting and for all positions.



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