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President of the Chinese Society

This role, as huge and important as it seems, can be daunting at first. But in simplicity, what it requires most is the passion and enthusiasm to commit to the Chinese Society and her members.

Being in the leading positions in the society, the President and Vice-President both have responsibilities to bring the society towards the same direction. Setting the aims for the society and how the committee functions is the foremost consideration. Thereafter, the running of the society and the planning and execution of plans for specific events will bring them through the year. They work hand in hand but also divide the workload to complement each other in terms of the groups of people they liaise with. The Presidentís job greatly involves communication and networking with external connections like the Union, sponsors, Guests-of-Honours, honorary members of the society and other supportive public.

This job is definitely a stimulating and rewarding one, and requires a highly motivated individual who is ready to take up this challenge to do something different for the next year and inspire others.



A Vice-President should assist the President, and work closely with the

President in helping to make decision and in organizing things. To be able

to motivate the committee members to work as a team.

To be a good Vice-President you need to have good organizing skill, be able

to work as a team, be able to commit yourself and to be hard working;

lastly the most important is to be dedicated to make the Chinese Society


A Vice-President will need to help in the planning of the events.

Everything would not be as difficult as you will think. Just think of what

will you want to achieve for next year and do what you want to do.




Who said that being Secretary is all about paperwork and nothing else? True, I am in charge of writing letters, typing out minutes of the meeting and invitations. But there is definitely more to that. I also write emails to the members alerting them of upcoming events as you all should know by now. I am proud to say that it is the highlight of my job as it is the outlet for my creativity. Unofficially, I am also the Public Relations Manager of ChinSoc. Apart from being the members' first point of contact, I also do networking with other societies and this comes into use whenever help from other societies is needed. Of course, we also have organising the events as a committee among other things. What can I say? I LOVE my job!



Chinese Society  Treasurer's job description

What is my main role in Chinese Society? It is definitely to keep all

the accounts up-to-date and always be alert of the account's status.

You will need to prepare a rough budget before events .Of course, all

of the committee will have to sit down and put their heads together to

think of a way to increase fund.


But, this is not the main task, you have the power to allocate how much

to spent on each area.  ANYTHING involving money you will be informed. 

Isn't it great?


The experience gained from taking on this post will definitely be

worthwhile, not only will you increase your organizing skills but have

the great feeling of self achievement. You do not need to have previous

accounting knowledge. As long as you always keep track of what you are

doing, it is as simple as ABC.



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