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Lunar Horoscope

Snake: A fair year in which patience and cool head are essential in order to stay out of trouble. Possible business misunderstanding, romantic problems or slight injury to the body. Modest gains
Horse: A mixed year in which many unsteady and unsettled affairs create worries and health problems. A time to look to bright side of life, cultivate friends and placate enemies.
Sheep: A sobering year with numerous disputes but no major calamities. Not a time for gambling or drastic changes. A difficult time to accumulate money.
Monkey: A year to watch and learn. Gains will be in the form of knowledge and technical know-how and benefits may not be immediately realized. Speculation not recommended.
Rooster: A very good and prosperous year. Success shines on the Rooster as he is given the power to shape his own destiny. Birth or marriages in his family.
Dog: A difficult year in which the Dog may need to constantly fight off the competition. A time to lie low and join forces with others instead of acting independently.
Boar: A smooth year in which the Boar will gain the recognition and the respect of coworkers. Family life is content may have health upsets upsets or loss of personal belongings.
Rat: A very good year with excellent business and romantic prospects and financial gains. The Rat should be on guard against newfound friends that tend to use him.
Ox: A moderate year with many changes and unexpected troubles. Although he will have to work hard, he will come in contact with helpful and influential people.
Tiger: A difficult year in which to raise money. Some unhappiness foreseen such as separation from loved one or a break in partnership.
Rabbit: A moderately happy year in which overall gains exceed losses. A busy time at home and with career. powerful friends can prove useful.
Dragon: An excellent year for the Dragon with numerous benefits in store. A busy and exciting year in which success comes easily in all undertakings.


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